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Following trails of computer footprints left by child porn traffickers, law enforcement also uncovers child sexual abuse that might otherwise not have come to the attention of authorities.“It does help us identify these individuals,” Maez says.

“So the consequences don’t outweigh the crime.”Ex-cadet charged Although advanced digital technology has led to an explosion in the sharing of child porn across the nation and worldwide, law enforcement is using that same technology to track down those who traffic in the videos and still images.

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New trends in child porn include an increase in the number of videos, a jump in the number of images depicting sadistic and violent sex abuse, a spike in the number of online trading networks and an increase in the number of images depicting the very young, including infants and toddlers.

“We look at the priority cases first.”Some cases, he says, involve thousands of depictions of child sex abuse.

Legislation that would allow prosecutors to charge an individual for each image passed the state House of Representatives unanimously in March, but died in the Senate Public Affairs Committee, chaired by Sen. Maez says law enforcement has picked up chatter on the Internet about New Mexico’s porn law, and he says child porn traffickers are moving here because of it.“These individuals know New Mexico is more lenient than other states,” he says.

Some other states allow a charge for each depiction. Sarah Maestas Barnes of Albuquerque and backed by Democratic Attorney General Hector Balderas, who says he will try again to get the measure approved when the Legislature meets in January.

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