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And hey, we’ve all been in that place where it’s the principle of being invited, not whether we intend on showing up or not, right? It’s just us with inflated egos and insecurity issues?) Maybe the guy was legitimately hurt over this slight.But did Cowherd have to then turn needy by using Beadle’s birthday party as an opening to reference Bill Simmons, who got a golden ticket to Beadle’s birthday bash?Cowherd calls Simmons out for appearing on local radio shows, rather than his national outlet. At this point, it’d be kind of funny if Simmons invited Leahy on his podcast first, wouldn’t it?Colin Cowherd, a prominent national voice on ESPN radio since 2003, is leaving the network, multiple industry sources tell The Big Lead.

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I was hesitant to put this interview up for a few reasons, but the main one being, I didn't want to promote anything involving Colin Cowherd.

co-host Michelle Beadle for not inviting him to her recent birthday party. “Michelle Beadle was working in Sheboygan, and I hired Michelle and elevated her into America’s princess.” That might be news to Jamie Horowitz, Kevin Wildes and Dave Jacoby, who developed before building the show around Cowherd. And besides, Cowherd has the microphone to tell his story, while the other three don’t.

(OK, Jacoby has his ESPN Radio show with Jalen Rose, but is this worth revisiting for him?

Near the top of the list would be a reunion with Jamie Horowitz, the new President of Fox Sports, who produced Sports Nation with Cowherd and Michelle Beadle, as well as Cowherd’s Sunday morning football show a couple years ago.

Perhaps Fox has a multi-faceted plan that may include a Cowherd-driven Sunday morning football pregame show on Fox that airs before the Sunday NFL pregame show?

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