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You can now turn Word Press into a video tube site within few minutes.

Host your own videos or embed from any video provider, make money with affiliate links or just make yourself a star. I had the original free version of freewptube and recently upgraded after finding out development had been taken over by a new team.

For some frequently asked questions you can visit the FAQ Classified Theme page and if you have a custom inquiry about this theme you can contact us.

If you need help with the theme or if you have a question before purchasing contact us or use our forums to rise up your questions.

Being a part of the Support For Partners forum - sharing my experiences and reading other peoples' concerns - helped me realize that I am not alone and that through time, care, and love - my partner and I can prevail.

p H7CMS is the most powerful ready-made Dating Site Builder using the latest Web technologies and contains all Dating features you need to create a similar/clone web app like Tinder or Badoo.

Finally, for developers, the software's code has been especially coded to be always understood and contains explanatory comments for each action in case you want to do some modifications.

You can turn your blog into any classified ads type of site, like: auto/car ads, real estate ads, PC Ads, food ads, high-tech ads…

almost anything, thanks to the custom input fields. Also thanks to the Sitemile Theme framework, the sitemile Classified Theme becomes the best classified ads software on the market and comes at a lower price than the competition.

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