Hibernate saveorupdate is not updating transexual dating pa

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Let’s start with transitive persistence and store more than one object at a time.

Real, nontrivial applications work not only with single objects, but rather with networks of objects.

This topic shows you how to make data manipulations more efficient.

We optimize and reduce the amount of code that is necessary to store objects and discuss the most efficient processing options.

In the first case the entity is saved, in the latter case it is updated.

When switching from Hibernate to JPA a lot of peopleare dismayed to findthat method missing.

Associated objects may be made persistent in any order you like unless you have a give you a way to retrieve a persistent instance if you already know its identifier.

One version takes a class object and will load the state into a newly instantiated object.

First we’ll show you how transitive persistence can make your work with complex object networks easier.When an entity doesn't exactly return the value that had been set by NH, it is considered dirty and gets updated in every session.For instance: replacing the NH persistent collection in a property setter. It's a general "not understanding transactions" problem.The object passed is attached to the persistence context.That means that after invoking Entity Manager.merge, we have to use the entity reference returned from that method in place of the original object passed in.

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