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For two meters, a 5/8th wave antenna has the best omni gain.But I think the lobe is very low takeoff and not good for mountain work. Yes, I know not much is going to get over mountains at 144Mhz and above but I want to know what will work best?After all, with 110 degree Fahrenheit heat hitting your face on a good day, the desert is probably the last place you'd want to be. Unless, of course, you're a poker player, in which case the middle of the Nevada desert is an absolute oasis.Welcome to the 2017 World Series of Poker - the biggest, richest poker event that attracts poker pros, celebrities, and amateur poker players from every corner of the globe is back for 2017.•For repeaters on mountains •And for simplex to other vehicles in repeater "dead zones" Terrain at 39.501419 , -106.15162650000002 Time for the Constraints •The antenna has to magnetically mount to the roof of a vehicle, which is a van. (unless someone can think of a different way without manipulation of the vehicle in any way).•The antenna can not take up much horizontal space due to bicycles on the roof nearby.If you're a hardcore poker player, you'll be there from Day 1, playing the smaller events and some of the high-roller events, too.

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Being video ready is no longer a concern just for people who are professionally on camera; it's an issue for everyone. " It's not that I'm particularly cameraphobic: As a beauty editor, I find the prospect of shooting a planned makeup tutorial video to be no problem.

And while all of my friends have a version of Mirror Face—cheeks tighten, lips pucker, and brows lift into a doll-like position rarely seen in actual life—none of us who aren't Hollywood celebs have figured out how to maintain Mirror Face while moving. But the notion of an impromptu on-camera conversation feels less like catching up and more like an audition.

Until now, I've managed to evade requests for video calls by feigning poor reception or unavailability. On video, eye contact is interrupted by glimpses at my own face—a nagging, sallow, undefined distraction in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

But the new guy in my life happens to be a world traveler, and old-school telecommunication has begun to seem almost as antiquated as mailing a letter—without the writerly romance.

Rather than risk letting my new fling lose momentum or, worse, fizzle out in a string of missed calls and lackluster text messages, I resolve to master the perfect video chat. Unlike Instagram, the myriad video apps on the market don't offer dreamy, skin-perfecting filters.

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