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Bagan is also home to a large open market where fresh produce, spices, carvings, silk, and rattan products are sold daily.

On February 24, 1826, the peace treaty of the first Anglo-Burmese War was signed at Yandabo.

Several hundred people were arrested or detained, many (but not all) of whom were released.

Senior General Than Shwe remained in power until he retired in 2011 at age 78.

Our Myanmar (Burma) Travel Guide is a free resource designed to help familiarize travelers with important destination information before embarking on a trip to Myanmar (Burma).

The information may help adventure seekers enjoy the best of Myanmar, whether the tour is overland, or as part of an Irrawaddy or Chindwin river cruise.

Free import:- 400 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grams tobacco;- 2 liters of liquor;- 150 milliliters of perfume;- goods for personal use to a max.

value of USD 500.-;- electrical and electronic goods not more than USD 500.- in value;- portable (video) camera, HD camera or DV camera and 1 spare (set) battery;- portable computer;- reasonable quantity of medicines for personal use. Nationals of Myanmar must hold a re-import permit for previously exported jewellery.

The city of Bagan, located on the banks of the Irrawaddy River, is considered the main tourist destination of Myanmar, being one of the largest archaeological sites in all Southeast Asia.

The phrase "Saffron Revolution" connects the protests against Myanmar's military dictatorship to the saffron-coloured robes widely associated with Buddhist monks, who were at the forefront of the demonstrations.

However, this nomenclature is misleading as the majority of monks in Burma wear maroon (reddish-brown) robes, not saffron (golden-yellow) robes (see saffron).

Besides MRTV4, Channel 7 and Mahar Bawdi can be watched online.

It a State (Ministry of Information) controlled TV channel and was launched in 2004.

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